Frequently Asked Questions

1. "How do I schedule a newborn session with you? I don't really know when I will go in to labor!"

      If you would like to schedule a newborn session with me, message me at least 2 months before your actual due date. I will leave a window of time open for you around your date, and will schedule your session 5-10 days after birth! 

2. "What do I need to bring or have there during the session? Do you have any props?


     I will have all of the props necessary to make your photos look fabulous! I have wraps, rugs, basket stuffers, blankets, headbands, head pieces, hats, backdrops, floordrops etc!

3. "Do you have a studio?"

    I currently have a studio located in Indianapolis, IN. It is small and only ideal for newborns, babies, and small children. I still shoot all family, maternity, and seniors outdoors on location.


4. "Can my grandma/grandpa/cousin etc. be in a few photos with us?"

     I get this question a lot! Full family sessions include 5 people in the session price. If you would like to add additional family members, it is $20 per person (includes children). The reason being there are more people for me to pose, more faces for me to edit, more combinations of photos the client will want taken (daughter with grandma, daughter with grandpa, daughter with grandma and grandpa, daughter with family, and grandma, and grandpa etc), and more overall work for me as a photographer. Please let me know ahead of time if you would like to add family members to your session.


5. "I do not need a full session, can I have you take just 1 or 2 pictures?"

    This is a definite no, as it is quite impossible! :) During a session, I typically take 500+ photos in 1 hour. The perfect moment cannot be planned or timed, so by taking MANY pictures, that "moment" is sure to be captured. It would be very difficult to get a great shot of an entire family as little sister might sneeze, dad might blink, mom might fix a strand of hair, and little brother might see a squirrel. I will take several to ensure everyone is smiling and looking their best! This typically does not happen on the first frame (but if it does, GREAT!) so I will not book a session to take only 1 or 2 pictures. Also, in order to come to the location for your photo session, I must arrange child care, prep all of my gear, and book other sessions around your session. The session price also includes my time, talent, and travel.


6. "Can I order prints through you?"

     Yes, definitely! All prints and canvases can be ordered through your online gallery that I provide you after your session. I also save all of my past clients' images, so feel free to message me to purchase prints of a past session! :)

7. "Are we allowed to upload our images to FB or other social media?"

     Yes, that is a benefit of having a print release! Please give credit, as I work hard to provide you with the highest quality images and I am very proud of them!


8. "How will we receive our pictures?"

   All images are delivered to clients digitally through a password protected online gallery where you may download your images in high resolution.

9. "How long will it take to get our pictures back?"

     My editing time is usually 2-3 weeks.

10. "When is the best time to shoot your maternity session?"

Typically, I suggest booking your session around 30-34 weeks. This is when that bump is noticeably round and the swelling everywhere else is minimal. Women are also experiencing more energy at this point in their pregnancy making for a very fun and enjoyable maternity session!